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Pay membership to have access to classes. Yoga is the ancient science of self-realization. The term Yoga means union. This union refers to the union between the individual Self and the Supreme Self. It is the ancient Eastern philosophy and discipline, an interpretation of life conducive to healthy, harmonious living, and to reaching the absolute truth and the ultimate goal. ​ Perhaps, Yoga is widespread for its invaluable benefits in helping to relax the stressed Western man, however, this is only a tiny contribution of it. When we immerse ourselves in the sincere and regular practice, we glimpse that the benefits go from the merely physical, passing through the mental and arriving at the spiritual. So, we can believe that it is a holistic discipline that encompasses the plane of the body, the mind and the soul. Among the paths of Yoga, four are the main ones, which lead to self-realization, namely: -Bhakti yoga: which consists in the realization of the truth through devotion and love of God. -Karma Yoga: teaches the path of right action. Actions performed without harboring any desire for reward. -Jnana Yoga: is the study of the Vedic scriptures under the direction of a teacher. Intellectual reflection and analysis. -Ashtanga Yoga: yoga of physical and mental control. This complete discipline has eight steps. From it arise Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Iyengar yoga.

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